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About Yin Yoga

My Yin Yoga classes are great for all levels of practitioners, even people who have never practiced yoga before. Yin Yoga is a relaxing, leisurely paced style of yoga that blends yoga poses with Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate the meridians of the body. In my classes, we hold these laid-back poses for 1 to 3 minutes at a time to get the full benefit of each pose and relax the mind.

Most of us feel stressed out, sore, tired, have tight muscles, want to learn how to stretch for physical activities, have a heavy sense of unease, and are yearning to connect with ourselves deeper. Yin Yoga can help you relax deeply on your mat one deep, slow breath at a time all while benefiting the body from the inside out.


Since we hold the poses for a little bit longer in yin yoga, we are able to target the bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, fascia, and balance the internal organs deeper while improving our flexibility. This practice is amazing for calming the turbulent waters of the mind and bringing you a deep sense of peace. 

I also offer an array of vinyasa flow and specialty yoga classes to help you exercise your body and build strength. I often announce new, unique classes throughout the month.


About Ashley

Ashley Niccole, E-RYT 200

 I have been a full-time yoga instructor for four years now and have been practicing yoga for eleven. I’ve learned from many skilled yogis in the area who vary from having Ph.D.’s in anatomy to those who have traveled to India to learn under yoga masters. I have been through four different Teacher Training Programs that thoroughly prepared me to teach yoga full time. 

I teach a variety of yoga classes to multiple students from all walks of life. I have taught multiple veterans and even worked with gymnasts, seniors, amputees, rock climbers, professional football players, MMA fighters, stay at home moms, complete beginners, and advanced students. 


My classes help each individual focus on their own practice instead of their ego, releasing any sense of competition or feeling of not being good enough. I always offer modifications throughout my classes, and I always stress to not push your body past what feels good.

I strongly believe that yoga can help most of us in a profound way, as it benefits the mind, body, and spirit. Stress-related diseases are on the rise now more than ever which is why yoga and meditation have become so important for us to practice. 

I am not a medical doctor, make sure yoga is right for you by your health care provider.


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